What is it, where to look and how to hire a WordPress programmer?

Searching and hiring a WordPress programmer for your website is an easy task if you know their skills well, where to look and how to hire them without surprises Contact GSS Webtech.

Let’s start being very sincere, since WordPress became popular, half a world of those who work with the Internet has proclaimed itself an expert programmer in this system. And being an expert sounds great, the problem begins when the skills are described.

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Many of those who are “experts” in WordPress are not able to encode a plugin, or create a new theme for the Web system. That is why we need to define what a WordPress programmer is , because depending on what you want to achieve, you will need the help of one or another expert profile, such as the WordPress web designer or implementer .

But to get out of doubt, what do these self-proclaimed “expert programmers” do?

It is true that many WordPress technicians know how to manage the WordPress system: assemble articles, activate plugins, edit themes (in a simple way), etc. That is, system management. But that is known by both expert programmers, implementers and most designers in WordPress.

So what exactly does a WordPress programmer do?

What is a WordPress programmer?

A programmer is a professional who knows a programming language, knows the logic of it and is able to give instructions to execute certain actions.

A WordPress programmer is one who knows the code of which the system is composed, is an expert and in some cases has even collaborated in its creation that, in the case of WordPress, the code is based on PHP, a popular programming language for applications Web.

Now, the functions, actions and other elements that make up the WordPress code are not only based on PHP, but, in most cases, it requires the programmer to also know MySQL and JavaScript.

Of course:

That a programmer knows how to program in PHP, MySQL and JavaScript, does not make him an expert in WordPress.

Let’s say WordPress is a way to use that other knowledge, but you must have previously learned in detail the structure and logic of the WordPress system , something that takes many hours of dedication.

A WordPress programmer, to make it even easier, is one that can develop plugins, create own themes and other systems compatible with the core (central system) of WordPress.

A WordPress programmer is probably not what you need if you are looking for someone to manage your Web, update the contents, make design touches, or other changes that an WordPress implementer could easily make .

On the other hand, a WordPress programmer will be the profile you are looking for, for example, if you need a series of features on your website that are not available through any plugin, free or paid.

WordPress Implementer vs. WordPress vs. Developer WordPress programmer

It is important that you know how to differentiate the 3 types of WordPress experts according to their knowledge and specialization, since not all are good for all tasks.

WordPress Implementer

The WordPress implementer is the ideal expert to set up any Web page that can be done with the benefits that WordPress system itself brings along with the benefits of its available extensions ( themes and plugins).

The WordPress implementer has no HTML, CSS or PHP knowledge, but all the possibilities of WordPress, its design templates (themes) and its extensions (plugins) are well known.

This type of professional does not have to know about Web layout (HTML or CSS) or programmer in PHP, MySQL or JavaScript; he does not need it. In fact, you do not need to have had programming or Web design training.

Instead, it knows how to work the whole WordPress system, plugins and themes (Web design in WordPress).

But in addition, not only knows each and every one of the possibilities offered by WordPress by default, which brings from the factory, but also knows perfectly all the extended possibilities offered by WordPress through its hundreds of free and paid themes and plugins (extensions and functionalities added) , also free and paid. Similarly, he knows what themes and plugins are the best; the most stable and reliable.

Some time ago we talked about the prices of WordPress designers / implementers:

WordPress Developer

The WordPress developer, unlike the implementer, not only knows perfectly the entire WordPress system and its possibilities, but also has technical training and advanced knowledge of Web layout (HTML and CSS), which allows you to make changes and customizations in the design of the Web, that is, in its theme , outside the basic options that it offers from its control panel.

In addition, most developers, the most expert, have basic knowledge of Web programming (PHP and JavaScript), which allow you to make custom modifications to WordPress extensions (plugins) to slightly modify the functionalities and change their behavior, according to the needs of the client.

The WordPress developer, thanks to its knowledge of Web layout and programming, can customize the design and functionality of WordPress to suit the needs of the client.

Due to their knowledge and experience, a WordPress developer usually charges more than a WordPress implementer. We talked about this topic some time ago in another article where we talked about the price of a WordPress Web page .

WordPress programmer

The WordPress programmer is a true expert (by training and experience) in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and Web servers.

The WordPress programmer, expert in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and Web servers, can create (program) plugins from scratch and modify all the design and behavior of the Web at your discretion.

It is very possible that the WordPress programmer has gone through previous stages of implementer and developer to become an expert in WordPress and to fully exploit their programming knowledge.

The Web programmer can create (program) functions (extensions – plugins) from scratch, completely tailored to the needs of the client and modify all the design and behavior of the Web at its discretion. You should also know perfectly how to update PHP and adapt the page to these updates.

How could it be otherwise, for the investment made in their training and experience, the programmer is the expert who charges the most in this WordPress sector.

Where to look for WordPress programmers?

Since the problem is to hire someone who really is a WordPress expert and not a smoke salesman, we must go to the places where they are advertised. Obviously, the more confidence we have in the site we are looking for, the more likely it is that you will find a good WordPress programmer.


Fortunately, the best of the best of the WordPress community is condensed in several (few) English-speaking sites , so finding them will not be a difficult task.

WordPress Jobs

It is the official website to publish WordPress projects. It is not a list of professionals, but if you publish your project there, surely only the real programmers will be interested. More than anything because they are usually complex projects for those who do not have the knowledge about the system.

Smashing Jobs

As in WordPress Jobs , projects are published on a billboard, with the difference that you must pay to place the ad. As in the previous case, they are only advertisements seen and answered by highly qualified professionals.


This is a page that has a much more attractive proposal, according to my point of view, since projects and programmers converge on it.

In order to work on a project on this page, you are evaluated. If you are truly a qualified professional, then you have access to the projects.

Of all those who run as programmers, only a small amount is accepted. This has the disadvantage that the supply of professionals is lower than the demand, so that the price for services can increase; As happens in the whole business world.

WPMU Dev Pros

It is a payment system, the programmer must pay a monthly amount of money to show himself as talent on this page which makes only those who are qualified make the investment.


As in other systems, a previous selection of talents is made and only those who are truly qualified remain. In this system not only WordPress programmers are announced.

Stack Overflow Careers

Of all the systems, this is perhaps the most expensive, they have a database of programmers, to which you only have access if you pay an annuity, which is usually quite expensive. There is concentrated only the best of the best of WordPress.


In this system there is a group of experts in WordPress, but you do not contact them, but you request a service, say a change of template, and they manage them.

Mode effect

In this system they are experts in WooCommerce, which in turn is an extension of WordPress.

How to hire a WordPress programmer and tips?

Since you know where you can look for a WordPress programmer, what you have left to know is how to hire it. Even though there are few true experts, in the globalized market in which we live, those few add up to a few thousand and you must make a selection according to certain criteria.


Check your reputation.

To opt for one, there is nothing better than checking the reputation of the candidates. Not only at the level of quality of work, but at the level of communication and area of ​​expertise. You do nothing by hiring the best WordPress programmer if you do not know how to communicate or do not understand what are the objectives you want to achieve.

In most of the websites that offer candidate databases, there are qualification systems by which you can guide yourself. Very important, do not forget to check your previous work to see if they match the project you have.

Do not choose the cheapest

If you want to hire the best WordPress programmer, you must understand that hiring is not cheap.

In this coding, it is best to invest what is necessary so that the result is of quality .

Take a test

For many references you have, it is always good that you perform a test (a simple change in a plugin), before a larger contract.

For example, you can give a smaller project to see how the work develops.

Maintain effective communication

I told you before communication is important and now I repeat it. When it comes to a programming project it is necessary that you know how the project is going and that the programmer understands what the objectives are.

Above all, you must be communicated to be sure that there is progress.

Make clear the objectives of the project

In every Internet project you need to determine what are the functions of the programmer and the scope of the project. In many cases, setting goals will help determine how much it will cost you and when it will be ready.

Explain your Web project and let’s start something big!

We will work together to achieve a website made with love, true to your business, that reflects personality, well positioned in Google, safe and fast. A Web that really gives you results, it’s that simple!


Depending on what your project needs, you will require one type of expert or another. In most cases, WordPress programmers are hired and they are responsible for developing it, from conception to execution; usually supported by a team of trainers by WordPress implementers and developers.

Make sure you are hiring true professionals and experts in the field. Over there, many are called expert WordPress programmers, but they only know how to manage the WordPress system as one more implementer.

If you need a specific application for WordPress you must ensure that the professional is an expert in WordPress; Let PHP know; HTML and MySQL is no guarantee that you will master coding structure (functions, methods, among others).