Google Punisher Review – A Trick on Just how to Get Cheap Internet Traffic

Getting traffic to your domain is one of the most crucial success criteria for an affiliate marketer on the internet.  buy google business reviews The safe, stable, predictable and nowadays very costly way is to fund traffic by using Google and AdWords.

Imagine if I told you a little known secret on how best to get cheap traffic with very little competition for a product you want to sell being an affiliate? Allow me to inform you in regards to the review trick and allow me to use the Google Punisher Review being an example.

Let us believe that you want to promote an article from ClickBank. The data product you want to promote is a guide on how best to earn money on ClickBank. In my own example the item is called “Making Money Online with ClickBank “.You do your keyword analysis on the term ClickBank only to learn that the small ad for you personally on the North American market will cost you around $2.83 per click. You typically earn a tad bit more than $20 for each product you manage to offer during your affiliate set-up. You would need to have a conversion rate over ten percent to be able to earn any money at all! That is typically not good business. The only person earning money with this set-up is Google.

The big affiliate marketers who’re really earning money on this system have long email lists of potential customers. This is probably the best way on how best to earn money being an affiliate. The thing is that it takes some time to create a list. The big guys have been around for a long time and they’ve long lists.

The benefit for you personally regarding the guys with long lists is that they are pretty much only utilizing their long lists. They don’t use Google at all. I’m finding its way back to my live example with a new product called Google Punisher. I’m writing this information on the 12 of November 2010. The product Google Punisher is being launched to the marketplace the 2 of December 2010. If I Google on the keyword “Google Punisher” there’s pretty much no competition what so ever with this long key word. The only real competition is just a guy who is doing exactly the same trick as I’m doing. I simply get one hit.

Another advantage with the Google Punisher Review trick is that men and women who’re searching with this keyword are laser targeted customers. They are searching with this keyword and they’re hot potential customers. Many have already composed their mind. They are just double checking to be able to observe that the item they’ve decided to get is a good deal. You’re giving them the final push to buy.

The review trick is all about finding a new product with a rare name. Create a WordPress blog with the name “the item you have picked + review “.Write an honest report on the item and in the long run add your affiliate connect to the product. Do some Search Engine Optimization of the long keyword. It will be successful as the original competition is extremely low. Put up an ad with Google AdWords. That may also be cheap because also in this area your competitors may well be more or less zero. This is the Google Punisher Review trick in a nutshell.

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