Print Spooler Keeps Stopping Windows 10

Do you have an error with Print Spooler Keeps Stop Windows 10 when you try to print a file or document? Well, well, well, well! Don’t worry; we’re going to share some easy fixtures that can help you solve the issue. You can start the Printer Spooler service and notice that Print Spooler will stop or continue crashing Windows 10 device after a few seconds. To keep the usual printing process, a user needs to fix the printer spooler error. In this section, we’ll share the simple guidelines that can help you repair the printer spooler’s fault.


Print spooler keeps stopping windows 10


Method 1: Delete Spool Folder Content Suppressing Spool File 


Content using this method, the printer and driver file content can be removed by a user. This approach applies not only to the Windows 10 operating system but also to the other Windows set. The steps to use this strategy are:


  • Go to the’ C:\WindowsSystem32\spool and open the File Explorer.
  • Double-click the tab ‘ Drivers’ and then click the button ‘ Delete all files and folders.’
  • Remove all material from the Printers folder and restart the Printer Spooler program.
  • Save the changes by rebooting your system.


Step 2: Restart the Print Spooler System


To restore the Windows 10 Print Spooler Service, Spooler Service can be restarted. Here are the steps to follow:


  • Press the’ Windows+ R ‘ key from the keyboard and then type’ services.msc.’ Press the’ Enter’ button to open the Service window.
  • Click the’ Print Spooler ‘ service to scroll down.
  • Click the Print Spooler services right-click and select the’ Restart’ option.
  • Check now if your printer is working or not. If your printer works, the printing functions can be continued, and you can proceed to the next problem-solving stage.


Option 3: Automatic printing of the Spooler Service


  • Use your keyboard to open the Run Program by pressing the’ Windows+R’ key.
  • Click. MSC services button, then press Enter. Windows Server will be available.
  • Tap the’ Print Spooler ‘ option right-click and select’ Properties.
  • Change the’ Startup Type’ to Automatic from the drop-down menu, and tap Apply > > OK OK. Check if the Print Spooler Keeps Stop Windows 10 is still in place and if so, proceed with the next troubleshooting step.


Step 4: Update Print Spooler 


Recovery Options If the Print Spooler Recovery Settings have not been installed correctly, the Print Spooler will not immediately restart if a malfunction occurs.


  • To fix this, press the’ Windows+ R ‘ key and type service.msc.’ Click the Enter button.
  • Right-click the’ Print Spooler ‘ button and pick the default’ Properties.’
  • Move to the’ Recovery’ tab and make sure the first, second and subsequent failures are removed from the’ Restart the Service ‘ drop-downs.
  • Click the Apply and OK button.


Step 5: Updating the driver of the printer.


  • To upgrade the Printer Driver, press Windows= R’ and select services.msc. Click the button Enter.
  • Find and right-click the’ Print Spooler Program.
  • Press’ Windows+ R’ and type’ printui.exe/s/t2′ again. Click the’ Stop’ button. Click the button In.
  • Search for a printer that creates a problem in the properties of the Windows ‘ Printer Database.’
  • Now you need to remove the printer and pick yes as confirmation to delete the drivers.
  • Go back to’ service.msc.’ Tap on the right-click’ Print Spooler’ and tap Start.
  • You must now connect to the printer manufacturer’s website. You can download and install the modified printer drivers for your computer from there.


Finally, using these troubleshooting instructions, you can repair the print spooler keeps stopping Windows 10 bug. If you still have the same issues, however, you should visit the printer manufacturer’s website to find the other filter to correct this mistake.

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