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  • Summary: · How to Stop Your Dog From Chewing His Bed · Chew Toys · Attention Diversion · Anti-Chew Sprays · Teach Him Not to Chew · Avoid Putting Your Dog in 

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  • Summary: Studies show that music/sounds is an effective way to calm dogs down, and relieve stress and anxiety in pets. To stop dog from chewing bed, play some classical 

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  • Summary: · A bigger range of toys; Remove their bedding; Vet bed; Raised dog bed; Training; Time management. Which option you choose will depend upon your 

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  • Summary: · If it seems like all the chew toys in the world don’t keep your dog from tearing up his bed, he is probably stressed or bored. Make sure that he 

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  • Summary: One of the top reasons that dogs chew their beds is simply because of boredom. If they are locked in the crate while you are at work or for long periods of time 

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