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  • Summary: · Start piping the dog hair from the bottom of the cake and work your way up. Once the cake is covered, roll out fondant. I like to use these 

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  • Summary: You could try rolling your fondant between two sheets of cling wrap or keep wiping your worktop with an anti static cloth. Alisa Seidling replied over 9 years 

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  • Summary: How to make a Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Birthday Cake: Make the candy clay a day or … Hair Skin Care Makeup Product Reviews Lori Harvey Cover Story At-Home 

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  • Summary: Munchkin Cat San JoseThe Munchkin comes in all coat colors and patterns. … pet can be the best decision a person. how to make fondant numbers stand up 

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  • Summary: · Dryer Sheets Are Great At Picking Up Pet Hair. Does your dogs hair get everywhere? Do you find yourself having to pick off fur from your clothes 

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  • Summary: · Here’s a neat dog groomer’s secret I came across: if you want to get all the shedding undercoat out, start by brushing the dog, then shampoo 

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