The best 16 how to make minecraft guard dog

The best 16 how to make minecraft guard dog

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  • Summary: GUARD DOG As A PET In MINECRAFT Overpowered today in Minecraft were gonna be taming dog oh no no not one of these lame wolves I actually mean a dog and bug

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  • Summary: To create a new guard dog, right click one of your tamed dogs with pumpkin seeds. · To disable one of your guard dogs, right click it with a stick. · To make a 

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  • Summary: Watch the video explanation about How to be a dog in minecraft!! Online, article, story, explanation, … i’m going to show you how to do it okay

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  • Summary: 3. In order to breed the dog, you need to tame a second wolf. Make sure both dogs are at full health, then breed them by feeding any 

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