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  • Summary: · In general, cats and dogs aren’t the best of friends. Whether they’re simply barking, hissing, scratching, or even all-out fighting, 

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  • Summary: “The cat tries to get away, the dog thinks the cat is inviting it to a game, and so chase ensues with neither party understanding what the motivation of the 

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  • Summary: Instead, put them in separate rooms, and alternate rooms each day. This will allow the animals to get used to each 

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  • Summary: Begin introductions with the dog on a leash and giving the cat some freedom to wander and explore. Give food and play to encourage the cat leaving its room and 

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  • Summary: People who share their homes with both species, or who have read The Incredible Journey, know that this is not true. Dogs and cats can form fast friendships. It 

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  • Summary: But it doesn’t mean they can’t share the same space – or become best friends. With some positive encouragement and the right introduction, you can create an 

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