The top 20+ how to really stop yulin dog festival

1 House Resolution 752 Urges China To Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival

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2 Chinese advocates lead the fight against Yulin’s dog meat trade

3 How to Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival: Ways You Can Help

4 Yulin Dog Meat Festival: What is it, how did it start and will activists

5 How to Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival |


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  • Published: 12/07/2021
  • Review: 3.83 (365 vote)
  • Summary: As a judge of the Hero Dog Awards each year I have regaled many instances of dogs that are truly saving lives. There are dogs that can detect cancer, predict 

7 Is this really the end of China’s dog meat trade? – RSPCA

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  • Published: 09/24/2021
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  • Summary: Every summer the attention of dog lovers around the world is drawn to China, where a 10-day ‘festival’ is held on 21 June in the city of Yulin to celebrate 

8 Our statement on the barbaric Yulin dog meat festival

9 Urge the Chinese government to stop the annual Yulin Dog Eating

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  • Published: 03/27/2022
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  • Summary: The Yulin festival in China is an annual event which sees thousands of dogs slaughtered. They are treated in the most inhumane ways possible, healthy dogs 

10 The truth about the Yulin dog meat festival – and how to stop it

11 Chinese activists save “Lucky” dog from meat shop in Yulin and call

12 Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2022: When Is It, Why Is It Held and What

13 China’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival Needs To Stop! Here’s What You

14 5 Ways to Help Put an End to the Yulin Meat Festival – Dog Threads

15 Why Activists Are Trying to Ban the Yulin Dog Festival (And How

16 How To Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival Forever – Duo Duo Project

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  • Published: 02/28/2022
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  • Summary: DuoDuo’s main focus & mission is to shut down not only the Yulin dog meat festival, but to shut down the entire dog meat trade, forever. Through our Freedom 

17 Stop Yulin Forever – What Is The Yulin Dog Meat Festival?

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  • Published: 04/27/2022
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  • Summary: Stop Yulin Forever! Yulin Dog Meat Festival is an annual celebration held in Yulin, Guangxi, during the summer solstice in which festival-goers eat dog 

18 End The China Yulin Dog Meat Festival – Adopt An Animal Kits

19 Petition · Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival! –

20 Petition: Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival – One Green Planet

21 Help Animals Like Those Suffering in the Yulin Dog-Eating Festival

22 Stars And Their Dogs Join Fight Against Yulin Dog Meat Festival

23 International activists call for end to Chinese dog meat festival

24 End the Yulin dog meat festival – OneKindPlanet