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  • Summary: How do I stop my cattle dog from chewing? … The time-out method As soon as your dog bites, calmly take him by the collar and lead him into the time-out area

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  • Summary: · As soon as your pooch bites, take him by the collar and lead him out of the room. Don’t shout at him, you don’t want to scare him. Simply remove 

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  • Summary: Aggression (especially towards strangers) is the number one behavior problem we hear about from cattledog owners. Usually this begins when the dog reaches 

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  • Summary: Because the Australian Cattle Dog was bred to herd, and herd with force, by biting, he is a mouthy dog. His instinct is to nip cattle, children, pets, cars, 

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  • Summary: Teach him that new people are a positive thing. Teach him that YOU decide who is safe and who is not. This will help to stop an aggressive problem before it 

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