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  • Summary: · Squeaky toys, whistles, shaker cans (a can filled with beans or coins), or other noise-making devices can be effective.2 Other alternatives are 

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  • Summary: Third, try water therapy or swimming for dogs. We need to help her soothe the mind before we can even begin to work on her dog obsessive licking behavior. A 

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  • Summary: The excessive licking behavior in dogs has been, for many years, attributed to anxiety and stress release. While this may be the case for some canines, recent 

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21 How to Stop A Dog From Licking: 4 Terrific Tongue Treatments!

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  • Summary: If your dog really can’t seem to stop licking, it might be compulsive. Talk to your vet about calming chews and behavior medication

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  • Summary: Address it: Once your dog is diagnosed, work with an animal behaviorist to minimize your pet’s compulsive behavior. If your dog has a severe case, your DVM may