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  • Published: 10/27/2021
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  • Summary: Whether we like it or not our dogs still have a lot of predatory instincts, and squeaky toys stimulate that drive. What sounds like an innocent squeak to us is 

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  • Published: 10/29/2021
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  • Summary: Instant stimulation and reward According to Kimberly Alt from the Canine Journal, the sounds emitted by a squeaky toy give your dog instant feedback that their bite is strong and effective, which keeps them stimulated to continue playing and satisfied by their progress

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  • Summary: Noisemaking. Noisemaking Features Dog Products. KONG toy … Airdog® Squeaker Dumbbell. Airdog® Squeaker Football. AirDog® Squeaker Knobby Ball 

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  • Summary: · Squeakers are like tiny whistles inside a toy. When your dog chews on – and therefore squeezes – a toy, air is forced through the squeaker 

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  • Summary: · When a dog chomps down on a squeaky toy, they hear a sound that triggers an immediate gratifying auditory reward. “Several studies have shown 

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  • Summary: · As we mentioned above, the sound of the squeak lets a dog know that they are doing a good job with their current hunt. The immediate auditory 

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  • Summary: Dogs descended from wolves, and we all know wolves hunt for their food. It’s this predator and prey relationship that attracts dogs to squeak toys. The squeak 

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  • Summary: · To people it sounds like the squeaker died and there’s just a little … the Himalayan Dog Chew: a softer chew made from yak and cow milk

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  • Summary: · If your canine companion has several squeaky toys, you may have noticed that the noise that comes from each can vary. That’s because the size of 

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  • Summary: Typical cheap squeakers make a simple mechanical noise. They can only be made louder to make them more interesting. That means you have dog toy manufactures